Aural works

These pages are devoted to the music I have produced over recent years.

My early works of music production were heavily infuenced by performances by Walter (later Wendy) Carlos on synthesisers designed by Robert Moog.  I first heard these in the late 1960s on “Switched on Bach”, an album released in 1968, which was a revelation. 

I was determined to explore this form of music further and eagerly awaited further releases by Carlos.  These included the “The Well Tempered Synthesiser” (1969) and the soundtrack to the film “A Clockwork Orange” (1972).

It was, however, nearly impossible to follow in the masters footsteps as the cost was astronomical for someone still earling “pocket money” at the time. It was not until the last 20 years or so that synths and virtual studio software have become readly available and affordable enough to realise my dream.

Image software synthesiser

This collection is off my own work, composed and realised using Logic virtual studio software and variety of software synthesisers, principally Alchemy and SynthMaster. These cover a variety of genres, from contemporary to classical, ambient to trance.

They are only limited by imagination and I have many ideas yet to be explored and brought to fruition. 

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Early transcriptions

The collections in these pages, composed by baroque and later composers, were my first realisations produced using relatively primitive equipment and constructed as painstakingly as Carlos had in the original works all thosed years before.

Each piece is a short extract from the original (with one or two exceptions where the piece is already quite short).  

In these collections I have followed in the footsteps of Carlos by “orchestrating” some of the composer's keyboard works and interpreting those works already orchestrated by Bach, Handel and others. The performances have been realised on various synths including the Korg X5DR and Evolution Synthesis EVS1 using early sequencing software.

Image JS Bach

The works by Bach are a good subject for transposition to synthesisers as they are based fairly firmly on mathematical principles.

This collection is taken from his keyboard, orchestral and chamber pieces.

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Image GF Handel

Handel could write a good tune, something his audience ceratinly appreciated. His compositions were as popular in his time as they are today.

A number of extracts are taken from the complete "Water Music", but the collection also includes part of the "Music for the Royal Fireworks” and the whole of “The arrival of the Queen of Sheba".

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Image Beethoven

The two composers featured here are Beethoven and Samual Barber, each with just the one work.

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