Michael Wright


Web Site Design

Initial design

It is very important that you work out what the site has to do for your business, society or for you personally, the people that you wish to target and the message that you wish to get across. In most cases sites work best when kept simple and easy to navigate. While it can be very eye-catching initially, too much emphasis placed on flashy visual content can detract from the message you want to put across and may even stop people wanting to use it after a while.

For this reason the content of the site and its structure is the most important part of its design. Its ìlook and feelî are then wrapped around the content.

Building the site

Once it has been designed in outline the site is built as a mock-up which is review with you and any modifications noted for inclusion. Further meetings can then be planned which lead to the final version being constructed.

Domain names and hosting

One of the most important parts of the process is the choice of a domain name. This should reflect you, your business or societyís name as this makes recognition in a search easier. You can usually obtain .com, .org, or variations on your chosen name (there are others such as and .biz) The .com and .org versions will usually cost more per year than the .uk equivalents.

Thought should be given to which of the many hosting packages available is most suited to your requirements. Some points to consider will be storage capacity, e-mail addresses, restrictions on expected traffic, etc. There are many excellent hosting companies available. Michael recommends 1and1. He can arrange for the complete upload to the host of your new site and its ongoing availability

Once the choice of name and host is decided, the process of uploading the site is straightforward and, within a short period of time, you will be visible to the Web community.


Over time the content of your site may change. The service offers to update the site on an agreed basis. The frequency and complexity of the updates will be reflected in the costs charged and a guide to the annual maintenance is shown on the Design Service page.


Most hosting companies offer a variety of statistics covering visitors to your site, from a simple count of the number of pages visited to geographical identification, referring domains (e.g. which search engines are used) and "unique visits" (where visitors are on the site for some time and open more than one page). The recommended hosting company, 1and1, has a comprehensive statistical analysis facility and this can be made available to you as part of the service.